The Clancy Lab is an intersectional feminist biology research playground that critically engages with questions around the influence of environmental stressors on the life history and reproductive physiology of women and gender minorities. Our main goals are to create opportunities for diverse research questions within this biocultural space, engage our STEM colleagues with our social science perspectives, and train the next generation of badass feminist researchers.

The Clancy Lab values justice and growth. Our value of justice comes from our longstanding interest in intersectional feminist biology: we prioritize racial, gender, sexual, and reproductive justice for our participants, our colleagues, and the constituencies affected by our research. Our value of growth comes from how scientific advancement rests on the successful mentoring of the next generation of scientists. We prioritize the mentoring of a diverse crew of trainees in order to maximize the perspectives and interpretations brought to bear on the research questions we ask, and in order to push for the asking of new questions.