Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who qualifies for your study?

If you are over age 18, have been vaccinated, and have ever had a period, you probably qualify. However, we closed the survey on October 7, 2021 after 6 months of data collection.

I already participated but I want to tell you more. Can I add information to my survey?

If you used the “Save and return later” function, sure! If you submitted already but said you wanted to be considered for follow-up research and left us your email, keep an eye out for a follow-up survey in the next couple of months. We’re hard at work writing the survey and going through the university research ethics approval process. If you did not leave your email address, we have no way of locating your previous survey to add, merge, or update information or send you any sort of follow-up survey. But we appreciate you caring enough to reach out!

I already participated in the English language version, but I am a Spanish speaker! Should I fill out the survey again?

No! We can combine the data sets for analysis later. We just wanted to make it easier for more people to fill out the survey in the language they are comfortable with.

I am concerned about my period/health because [reasons or description], can you help?

If you are concerned about your health for any reason, please contact your doctor.

I don’t want to fill out the survey, can I just email you about my experience?

This project is reviewed and approved by our Institutional Review Boards, and we have to use the methods and questions that are already approved. We cannot incorporate information that you email to us, and we strongly advise you don’t send personally identifiable health information using standard email systems because they are not encrypted and secure. If you have concerns about your health, please talk to your doctor.

Is it normal to bleed for [some really big number] of days?

If you are concerned, it is probably not normal. Please talk to your doctor about it.

When will you have results?

We launched the survey in April 2021, and it will take us a little while to go through the survey results, so we honestly don’t know! We promise we will update this page when we have results.

Who translated your survey?

A lovely team of (M2 at the time) medical students from Universidad Central del Caribe, Puerto Rico, translated the all components of the survey, helped error-check it, and tested it.

Specifically: Bianca Melendez Nieves, Natalia Prats Figueroa, Gabriel Figueroa Martínez, Maria Santos Ortiz, Hector Muñoz Miró, Fabiola Umpierre Lebrón, Myrmarie Cruz Perez

The Spanish-language version would not exist if Bianca Melendez Nieves had not reached out to us to ask about collaborating, so extra big thanks to her!

I am a researcher/clinician/biostatistician/science enthusiast who wants to collaborate with you on this. Can we talk about my ideas?

Please fill out our online form to express interest in collaborating. Please be patient.

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