Seeking donations so we can continue to do awesome science!

If you, your business, or your community organizations engage in any form of charitable giving, please consider a tax-deductible donation to our lab and our research efforts. Donations can be accepted as a designated gift through the University of Illinois Foundation and can be completed online by specifying our fund (339456 – Clancy Evolution Endo Research) in the bottom section of the form. See image below for an example, followed by step-by-step instructions.

Screen shot of the University of Illinois Foundation donation page, with the area to designate the funds circled and arrows pointing to it.

How to donate

Step 1: Go to the University of Illinois Foundation form for online donations. Here’s a convenient link again.

Step 2: Decide how much you want to donate. Type that into the box with the $ in front of it.

Step 3: Type 339456 – Clancy Evolution Endo Research into the box for where you want your donation allocated.

Step 4: Click “Continue” to get to the next page to enter your name and payment information, including whether this donation is a tribute.

Step 5: Celebrate that you just helped support awesome intersectional feminist biology research!!!

Step 6: (Optional) Download and fill out this certificate to commemorate the occasion!

What will we do with your donation?

We can’t guarantee exactly what we’ll do with your donation, but here’s a list of things that we’d like to spend more money on:

  • Paying undergraduates and graduate students to work in our lab
  • Printing posters when students present their research at conferences and symposia
  • Printing fliers for recruiting research participants for our studies
  • Research supplies (gloves, pipettes, sample collection supplies, plastic baggies, assays, etc)
  • Travel expenses for lab members to present their work or get additional training
  • Travel expenses for visitors to our lab to present their work or get training from our lab
  • Occasional food and (non-alcoholic) beverages for lab meetings or lab events

Right now we often pay for these expenses out of pocket (printing posters, travel expenses, snacks) or rely on grant funding (research supplies, paying lab members for their labor).

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