Clancy Lab

The Clancy Lab works with survey data, observational data, and biological samples, and we require everyone have appropriate ethical, laboratory, and data training. The required trainings can be generally be divided into Research Ethics, Laboratory Safety, and Data Safety and Information Management.

Students and staff who work with with us will also participate in a yearly additional training session that covers lab orientation, lab-specific safety, and interpersonal safety. Training on best practices for data collection and data management will be covered for each project as needed, but click here for resources to get a general overview.

Please notify the lab if the links below do not work or the instructions are unclear.

Research Ethics

Faculty, students and staff working with Human Subjects or samples and data collected from Human Subjects must also do the following trainings from CITI Program:

  • Basic: Biomedical Research
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) – Biomedical Course 1
  • Additional Module: Social and Behavioral Research for Biomedical Researchers
  • Research with Children – SBR (required for some Clancy lab projects)

Click here to find instructions for accessing these Human Subjects trainings through UIUC. You are welcome to take any additional CITI trainings you find interesting.

Laboratory Safety

We have a BL 2 laboratory for measuring hormones and other biological data from humans and non-human primates for our research. We require the following trainings before working in the laboratory:

  • General Laboratory Safety (online)
  • Understanding Biosafety (online)
  • Safe Handling of Human Cell Lines/Materials in a Research Laboratory (in person, then a yearly online refresher)
  • Reading the DRS Laboratory Safety Guide
  • Lab-specific training with Dr. Clancy

Click here to login to view available safety trainings and print out certificates of completed trainings.

Data Safety and Information Management

Faculty, students and staff who will be working with data stored in the online REDCap system must complete the following trainings.
  • Watch the Introductory Overviews and Basic Features & Functionality videos about REDCap available here.
  • Fill out the REDCap User Request Form to request access to the system. Please note that this form is processed manually and it may take a few days.
  • Complete mandatory HIPAA training in Compass. After your REDCap User Request Form is processed, you will be added to an Illinois HIPAA training module available through Compass. When you complete this training, give a digital copy of your certificate to the appropriate senior lab member and email a copy to
This HIPAA training in Compass is the compliance-based University of Illinois training. If you are interested in understanding this content in more detail, we recommend taking additional  (optional) training in the CITI Program, such as the History and Ethical Principles – SBE or Research and HIPAA Privacy Protections.
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